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Questions and answers about getting a personal reincarnation or past life reading. phone operations are handled by Psychic Source, providing phone access to quality, rigorously screened psychics and paranormal specialists since 1989. Because of the effort to provide only quality readings, you get this special guarantee:

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Also, there are excellent special offers for first time callers AND specials offers for clients who return again and again for readings. We are pleased to help you and appreciate your interest.

If you still have questions, you are welcome to call and live support is always available to answer your questions about the service, fees, arranging a personal reading and so forth. There is NO CHARGE to get those basic questions answered.

Tips, Ideas, And Information About Reincarnation And Past Life Readings

As mentioned previously, more people believe in reincarnation that those who do not. Reincarnation is the concept that we have had lived past lives and will have future lives. We go through this cycle of lives in order to learn how to be a better spiritual being ... or maybe because we just enjoy the process ... who knows. Reincarnation is associated with the idea of "karma". Karma is what hold us in the cycle. What we do in any life time, good or bad, is carried with our soul. Karma also ties us to certain people, places and reoccurring circumstances. Really, karma is easily understood: You have heard the expression, "what goes around comes around"? Although strongly associated with eastern religions, the idea of reincarnation is not bound to any particular religion.

Psychic reincarnation and past life readings can be very interesting, potentially enlightening. There are many ideas and possibilities that can be explored. Do you have a soulmate? Someone you have loved in many life times ... and, could you have more than one soul mate? Are you attracted to certain places, certain types of people, even a certain career because of experiences in a past life or lives? Is this attraction good or bad for you? Are you trying to work out a particular issue or are you just enjoying what you have always enjoyed? Are your dreams revealing a past life or the connections between a past life and your current incarnation? Perhaps the most important question is this: What are you looking for from a reincarnation reading? There is no right answer. What is important is getting your intention clear BEFORE beginning a past life reading with a quality psychic who specializes in such readings. Know your intention helps with focus and clarity. Being simple curious about reincarnation is an excellent reason for a reading. Do not be surprised if that simple reason reveals a great deal.

Often, a reincarnation reading will make many issues that seemed previously unexplainable very explainable. Carrying feelings, ideas, love, hate, fear, attractions from previous life times into THIS life can make many confusing issues suddenly perfectly understandable. Those who believe in reincarnation often use these insights in positive ways. If you drowned in a previous life, you are afraid of water in this life ... now, know that, you can begin the process of overcoming that seemingly irrational fear. You lost your soulmate tragically in another life. Now, in this life you cling too much. You were a great musician in another life. In this life you love music but consider the idea of being a musician silly, so you frustrate your natural desires and wonder why you are so angry all the time about your career.

There is just no telling what you will or will not discover in a reincarnation reading. Try and be open minded, but not empty headed. You may discover rare gems of insight during a reading. There can also be information that just doesn't seem to apply. Take what you can use, leave the rest. Let time sort out what is true from the untrue.

Reincarnation psychics or past life psychics naturally believe the soul or spirit returns to the physical form again and again. For them, it is just a fact that is separate from any particular religious overtones. Much of most psychics perceptions about reincarnation is fashioned around deep experiences with spirit guides and the spirit world (sometimes called the afterlife or the world beyond). If a past life psychic reader suggests utilizing spirit guides, angel guides or using her/his medium talents do not be surprised. This is not uncommon and can prove highly informative. It is also not uncommon for reincarnation readers to suggest using other divination tools clarify readings and issues involved.

If you are interested in doing some of your own research and reading about reincarnation and past lives, there are a few books you may find useful, entertaining and interesting. For a personal story, check out Someone Else's Yesterday. For a scientific look at reincarnation, the classic is Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation. If you lean toward the mystical, you might enjoy Beyond Reincarnation. And, you absolutely cannot go wrong with almost any of the books written personally by Ruth Montgomery and Edgar Cayce.books

If you are ready to explore the possibility of a past life or discover past lives you could have lived, give a call. Past life psychics are available for readings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you would like to review reincarnation psychic's profiles visit our Reincarnation Readers page. You are also always welcome to make appointments with any of the psychic readers.

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